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The Essential Diesel Mechanic Skill Set

With an ever-increasing demand for diesel-powered vehicles in today’s commerce industry, companies across America are seeking the assistance of certified diesel mechanics to diagnose, repair, and maintain diesel engines. From semi-trucks to shipping fleets, diesel mechanics need to have the necessary skills’ set to effectively perform their duties. Some skills are intrinsic to each diesel […]


Tips for Selecting A Diesel Mechanic School

Choosing a career as a diesel mechanic or technician can be demanding and rewarding. Diesel mechanics focus on maintaining and repairing diesel-powered engines for trains, trucks, ships, and buses. Due to the complex level of work and critical nature of diesel engine care, it is crucial that aspiring diesel mechanics obtain in-depth training and education […]


Global Reach Of A Diesel Mechanic Education

Diesel mechanics provide a vital service in the modern world. Even with the use of gasoline and steam engines and generators, diesel engines remain the primary method of providing power in a portable and reliable form. From construction machinery to electrical generators, nearly every factory and work site on the planet makes use of diesel […]


Using Your Diesel Mechanic Training For Work Outside The U.S.A

Although the American diesel repair field provides abundant employment opportunities for diesel mechanics, there are other options available to individuals who wish to seek employment outside of the United States. In fact, working in a foreign nation can open a wide range of opportunities for new and experienced diesel mechanics alike. The Foreign Diesel Engine […]