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Diesel Mechanic Schools In New York

From shipping supplies over the water to trucking supplies to retailers, New York corporations utilize diesel-powered vehicles for many of their transportation needs.

Because diesel engines are more durable and fuel economical than gasoline-powered engines, diesel-powered vehicles are becoming a growing essential to America’s commerce infrastructure. Diesel mechanics play a vital role in this industry, applying the necessary skills and tools to repair and maintain diesel engines.

For those who are contemplating a career as a diesel mechanic, earning a degree in diesel technology at an accredited college is key to finding job stability in today’s mechanic industry.

Educational Prerequisites

Aspiring diesel mechanics in New York have various educational avenues they can take to reach professional status, whether it is completing a company-run diesel mechanic program or earning a degree in diesel technology.

Both training avenues require potential candidates to have earned their high school diploma or GED, and many diesel mechanic schools in New York require students to have already completed four years of high school English, two years of high school math, and two years of high school science before they are eligible for enrollment.

Educational Requirements

diesel engine detailSome companies in New York do not require a degree in diesel technology if the candidate already holds several years of work experience in this field, but with the continual advancement of diesel technology, this is becoming less common among employers throughout the country.

Aspiring diesel mechanics who enroll in a company-based diesel technology program learn the necessary techniques and knowledge for diesel diagnosis and repair through hands-on experience.

On-the-job training can take up to three years to complete, requiring diesel mechanics to prove their competency in diesel maintenance before reaching professional status.

Individuals who wish to start out with a higher salary and increase their chances of getting hired on by an upstanding company need to pursue an associate or bachelor’s degree in diesel technology.

Many employers in New York require potential employees to complete a diesel mechanic program that is offered through an accredited college.

Students can choose between a variety of vocational, community, or technical colleges in New York that are accredited through a highly recognized governing organization, such as the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF).

This will prepare students for gaining their certificate upon graduation, helping them earn a higher paying salary in a specialized sector of the industry.

Associate of Science in Diesel Technology

For those who wish to simply start out with a higher paying position and job stability, earning an Associate of Science in Diesel Technology opens up many employment opportunities in New York.

Students should expect to complete two to three years of full-time courses in order to graduate with an associate’s degree, and certified instructors will teach students the proper maintenance and repair techniques for diesel-powered vehicles.

Even though students will spend most of their time in a garage setting, lab and classroom instruction is also required, with coursework covering topics like:

  • Heavy-duty brakes
  • Electrical systems
  • Diesel engine technology
  • Power transmissions
  • Hydraulics
  • AC systems
  • Fuel systems

Bachelor of Science in Diesel Technology

Ascertaining a managerial or administrative position at one of New York’s mechanic companies requires diesel mechanics to further their education and complete a Bachelor of Science in Diesel Technology program.

Requiring four to five years of full-time courses, a bachelor’s degree trains students in the core fundamentals of diesel technology and methodologies.

Certified instructors teach students the mathematics and natural sciences needed to manage other diesel mechanics, providing students with a well-rounded educational experience.

Diesel technology coursework may include:

  • AC systems
  • Diesel garage management
  • Welding theory
  • Heavy duty automatics
  • Diesel engine lab
  • Diesel electrical systems

Certification in New York

Although the state of New York does not require certification to become a legal diesel mechanic, many employers pay special attention to those who have completed a specialization in the industry.

Diesel mechanics can certify through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), which proves the mechanics are proficient in diesel technology repair and have successfully met the national standards for preventative maintenance, electrical system repair, and steering system repair.

Mechanics who have earned a Master Diesel Mechanic certification increase their competitive edge in the job market and generally ascertain a higher paying position when starting out in this industry.

Career Outlook

Earning a degree in diesel technology not only prepares individuals for work in the mechanic industry but also provides a stable work environment in today’s economy.

According to a report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), approximately 250,800 diesel mechanics work throughout the country, with 11,300 of diesel engine specialists being employed in New York.

The job outlook for this industry is predicted to increase by nine percent by 2020, providing an additional 21,600 jobs to future candidates.

Depending on previous work experience, educational training, and company location, the average salary for diesel mechanics in New York can vary greatly.

The BLS reports that the average annual wage for diesel mechanics in New York is $50,430, with the lowest 10 percent of mechanics earning $30,330 and the highest 10 percent of mechanics earning $73,730.

From shipping yards and national railways to local garages and airplane hangers, diesel mechanics who have completed a degree in diesel technology can find employment in the following industries:

  • Deep sea and coastal transportation
  • Scientific research and development
  • Federal executive branch
  • Electrical power generation
  • Courier services

With so many companies dependent on diesel-powered vehicles to ship supplies across the country and water, diesel mechanics have numerous career opportunities in New York. Earning a degree in diesel technology prepares individuals for a successful career in the mechanic industry.

Diesel Mechanic Programs In New York

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