Electronic Technology Makes Diesel Engines Modern - Diesel Mechanic Guide

Electronic Technology Makes Diesel Engines Modern

For decades, diesel engines were widely perceived as noisy and dirty by Americans everywhere. Embraced by commercial truckers and large equipment operators as an efficient and powerful engine solution, everyday Americans are starting to open their minds and hearts to diesel engines.

American auto manufacturers are developing diesel alternatives, which was initially only found in Europe and Asia, of their most popular models. Modern diesel technology is creating SUVs, smaller cars, and luxury sedans that run quieter, cleaner, and more efficiently than their gasoline counterparts.

As the technology evolves, owning a car powered by a diesel engine is becoming more acceptable and mainstream. Below are some of the recent technological developments that have added to the popularity and acceptability of modern diesel engines across America.

More Affordable

Diesel car engineWith gas prices rising on a weekly basis, cost-conscious drivers across America are searching for anything that can help them reduce their gasoline bills.

Recent developments in diesel technology have resulted in engines that can travel more than 30 percent farther on a gallon of fuel than their gasoline counterparts.

Along with the increased fuel economy, modern diesel engines have become far more responsive than they ever have before.

Over the coming decade, more Americans will make the switch from gasoline to diesel and will notice very positive differences in their overall driving experience.

Increased Power

For decades, contractors and blue-collar workers have known the power and torque advantages of diesel engines.

With Americans seeking trucks with more towing power, diesel trucks are making a resurgence among all ages and genders.

From a sports boat to a large camping trailer, those who enjoy the outdoors are choosing diesel trucks as their main form of transportation. The extra towing power of diesel engines, paired with the increased fuel economy, helps Americans haul their toys all around the country.

Faster Acceleration

One of the main disadvantages of early model diesel engines was the slow and cumbersome acceleration. Recent advancements in diesel technology have practically eliminated that downfall and have created personal diesel engines with accelerations that rival their gasoline counterparts.

Drivers who are looking for that quick boost at traffic lights will find that the new diesel-powered sedans will give them the acceleration they desire.

Less Noise

Most Americans cringe at the thought of pulling into their subdivision while driving a loud and smelly diesel vehicle.

Even though this may have been the case decades ago, new diesel technology has refined the mechanics of the diesel engine, creating a family-friendly alternative to gasoline vehicles.

Modern diesel engines have eliminated that stigma, with many families turning to diesel vehicles to take advantage of the fuel savings and increased engine life that diesel engines provide.

From cars to trucks, Americans are embracing the numerous benefits of owning a diesel vehicle. Old, stinky, and noisy diesel engines are moving aside, making way for the next generation in diesel engines. As the technology continues evolving and expanding, diesel engines are expected to further expand their dominance over their gasoline counterparts.