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Global Reach Of A Diesel Mechanic Education

Diesel mechanics provide a vital service in the modern world. Even with the use of gasoline and steam engines and generators, diesel engines remain the primary method of providing power in a portable and reliable form.

From construction machinery to electrical generators, nearly every factory and work site on the planet makes use of diesel engines in some form.

Having skilled mechanics that can ensure that the engines remain in good condition is a high priority for the company’s management.

This is especially true for multinational corporations, which often have interests in areas where diesel engines are the only practical power source.

For this reason, skilled diesel mechanics are currently enjoying a growing demand for their services in the international arena.

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International Employment Opportunities

For diesel mechanics seeking work abroad, there are several steps they can take to improve their chances of finding employment:

  • Obtain formal training as a mechanic. Because of the expense in transporting a diesel mechanic to a foreign location, most businesses prefer mechanics who have formal training, be it from a community college or vocational school.
  • Seek out certification. In addition to obtaining a formal education, a diesel mechanic should seek out certification in diesel repair and maintenance. Currently the National Association for Automotive Service Excellence offers a variety of certification programs, many of which may be beneficial to individuals seeking foreign employment.
  • Seek out internships during the educational process. A number of diesel mechanic programs offer internship opportunities for qualified students. In addition to providing practical experience to the student, a successful internship can also provide the student with valuable professional references when he or she is seeking out employment abroad. When considering this path, the student should inform the faculty adviser of his or her intent to obtain foreign employment in order to ensure that the internship is best suited to the student’s goals.
  • Have practical experience as a diesel mechanic. In addition to obtaining formal training, the candidate should also seek to have work experience in this field. Even if he or she cannot find a domestic employer who will provide work experience that is directly related to the foreign employment opportunity, the employer can attest to the candidates work skills and responsibility.
  • Obtain a passport and visa. Obviously, any mechanic who is working in another nation will require a passport and visa. While many employers handle this detail for their employees, having all of the paperwork ready can improve the employee’s chances of obtaining the position he or she desires.

Mining and Resource Extraction

Resource extraction, from mining operations to exploratory drilling for oil has become vastly more important across the world due to the increasingly ravenous appetite for raw materials from the world’s industries.

Because many of these sites are in remote areas and are thus unable to make use of the local power grid, diesel mechanics are needed both to maintain the work equipment and any diesel generators that may be on site.

Because a diesel failure can result in a work stoppage or in some cases serious damage to the equipment, having effective diesel mechanics on site at all times is of vital importance.

Mechanics who are seeking employment in this field should understand that they will likely be required to spend a substantial amount of time in isolated locations.

Depending on their employer, they may enjoy substantial housing facilities or rather limited living quarters. In many cases, that will depend on whether or not the work site is expected to be a long-term one or is merely a temporary facility.

However, these sites often offer excellent wages to their workers and of course, housing and other support facilities are usually free, making this an excellent opportunity for those individuals who are seeking to amass substantial savings for themselves or their families.


There are a vast number of multinational corporations that are heavily involved in construction projects all over the world.

This is especially true in the developing world, where there has been a steadily increasing amount of investment and collaborative projects between local businesses and foreign companies.

In some cases, these projects may include a number of different partners, such as where American construction companies are working with Chinese investment firms.

In many of these cases, while local equipment operators can be found, it is difficult to procure diesel mechanics. For this reason, many companies prefer to hire American mechanics in order to ensure that their mechanics are fully prepared to maintain and repair the construction equipment that will be used in the project.

Because of the growth of these projects, skilled diesel mechanics can easily find employment in foreign nations on both a long-term and short-term basis.

In addition to being fully trained as a diesel mechanic, individuals who are interested in working in foreign construction projects should also focus on becoming knowledgeable about the part of the world where they desire employment. Being skilled in another language can be especially important when seeking employment.

For example, French is commonly used in many African and Asian nations, so becoming fluent in French could allow the mechanic to better communicate with his or her coworkers.

Although a more difficult language to learn, Chinese is also becoming more important due to the growing ties between American and Chinese companies.

In addition to making it easier to find employment, being bilingual can also help improve the employee’s wage earning potential.

Maritime Engineering

Maritime engineers work with the large diesel power and propulsion systems that are at the core of the modern merchant marine.

This field often requires extra training when compared to other specialties, as many employers require their crew-members to receive training as sailors in order to ensure that they can safely perform their duties. In addition, maritime engines often have different maintenance requirements, due to the harsh conditions found at sea.

Maritime Engineering

However, working as a maritime diesel mechanic can provide excellent income and travel opportunities. In many cases, a cargo ship will travel all over the world, which can provide individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford such travel a look at the world.

In addition, because a large portion of the employee’s time is spent at sea where his or her housing and food is provided by the employer, this can be an excellent tool to build up a substantial nest egg before moving on to other careers.

Becoming a trained diesel mechanic can open up a wide range of international employment opportunities. In addition to providing an excellent wage, working abroad can allow the employee to enjoy exploring a wide range of differing cultures as part of his or her job.

Ultimately, a diesel mechanic who works in foreign nations will be entering a field that is both professionally and personally rewarding to him or her.